Prayer bullets for health issue

HIV Meets The 3 Deadly Prayer Bullets

– O Great Physician by the power for which you are known to be God, arise and declare a total healing in my body and every damaged cell in my body.
– Serpentine arrows programmed into my body, get out and enter no more.
– I withdraw my blood from every satanic blood bank in Jesus name.


Don’t Fall Off The Prayer Wagon!

“O Lord it is written that whoever shall call upon you for deliverance shall be delivered.”
“You agents that are reviving the fibroids I break your backbone with the rod of God in Jesus name.”
“Affliction shall not rise up the second time in my life in the name of Jesus”


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Prayer Demolition Test #1

“I command the stars to go to war, let the Heavens fight on my side in Jesus name”


“No Excuses” Prayers for August 2014







  1. Im frida from uganda,goodman have seen alot of testmony,can you pliz give me a guide on how to pray and i get heal cause im living with Hiv,thamk you

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