Prayer bullets for Children

Here’s a small sample of the kind of prayer you should be praying:

As the LORD lives, my kids (mention them by name) shall not come under the bewitchment of Harry Potter and his agents in Jesus’ name.

I bind all enchantments and divinations programmed to waste my kids in Jesus’ name.

The God that answers by fire let him be God. O LORD, answer by fire and disgrace every evil messenger assigned against my kids in the name of Jesus.

(this is an exciting one!) stamp the mark of “touch not my anointed” on the forehead of all your children. This will effectively put them out of reach of modern witchcraft influences.


  1. Good day man of God.
    I thank God for you and you prayer bullets.
    I had been praying for my son, his name is Ngutupa and he is drinking alcohol excessively , using drugs and stealing uncontrollably for the past 8 years but nothing changes. He has been having these problems for 15 years. Has been in and out of prison. As soon as he comes out of prison , he starts again with drinking , smoking and stealing. For the past 8 years I have been going to different churches , prayer mountain , prophets and prayer and fasting . Changes do take place in other aspects around me , but not on my son.
    Please join me in prayers and please advice.

    • Monica,first confess and repent the personal committed willingly and unwillingly.Next,confess and repent sins of your ancestors going back to Adam and Eve.Next,break the the curses from your father’ and mother’s house going back to Adam and Eve with the blood of Yahushua(Jesus).Next,bind and break the evil spirits in your son of drinking,smoking and stealing with blood of Yahushua(Jesus).It shows Father Yahweh wants you to personally take charge of this situation not other people.

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