I have been following Elisha’s teaching for few years and would like to share what I have learnt so far. Hopefully the information provided here would be useful, especially for those who are still new.

NOTE: All the prayer sets I mentioned below are provided free on the net by Elisha Goodman and belongs to Elisha Goodman.


Step by step instructions:

  1. Subscribe to Elisha’s e-bullet / newsletter HERE. This way, you will always learn something new from Elisha, receive free prayer bullets, encouraging words, etc.
  2. Read free e-book from Elisha, with title “Passion Prayer of Jesus The Christ”. Learn how to fire the prayer bullets correctly; when is the best time to pray, etc. You can also go to Elisha’s Youtube channel to learn how to fire the prayer bullets correctly, play the video provided.
  3. Pray the “24 prayer bullets against depression”. With the so many issues you face in your life, I feel that it is important to deal with spirit of fear and depression first. You can add this prayer bullet below which is taken from “19 prayers to find your godly spouse

“Let all spirits of fear, depression, worry and despair release me now in the mighty name of Jesus”

  1. Deal with invisible spiritual barrier in your life, by praying the prayer bullets from:
    1. G5 report
    2. The Notorious 300 Trumpets report
    3. Spiritual Environmental Sanitation / Cleaning
  1. Pray prayer bullets from “Disrupting Evil Communication Network”. These prayer bullets give license to the enemies to fight each other.
  2. Pray “The Cover” prayer bullets (taken from Passion Prayer of Jesus the Christ, pages 137 – 144). This prayer is for the protection / building spiritual shield for you and your loved ones.
  3. Pray “25 Thanksgiving Prayer” as often as you like.
  4. Pray “Easter Dream Marathon 2013” prayer bullets and also refer to the “40 Dream Reports” to interpret the meaning of your dreams.
  5. Pray “17 Miracle Prayer Points That Make You Rich”, “25 Daily Prayers” and “40 Prayers to Attract A Car (or anything else)
  6. Add this 1 prayer bullet when you pray (taken from HERE)

“Any covenant that is NOT of God still standing in my foundation, collapse, die in the name of Jesus.”


Download the 2 files below for more details info:
Step by Step Instruction ver. 3 (.docx)
Master File for Firesprings Ministries – 31 May 2015 (.xlsx)


Official website from Elisha Goodman:


God bless you.